Customizing the resolution of importers

Custom resolution of imports can be implemented by passing a callable in import paths.

Note: callable strings are not supported, as strings are treated as directory names. If your resolution logic is implemented as a named PHP function, use \Closure::fromCallable to wrap it (or a custom solution if using older PHP versions that don’t have that helper).

The callable will be called with a single string argument, which is the URI being imported and should return the absolute path of a file or null if it does not support that import.

For legacy reasons, custom importers are also called for CSS imports, allowing to treat them like Sass imports. However, that behavior is deprecated. Custom importers should check their input with \ScssPhp\ScssPhp\Compiler::isCssImport and always return null for them.

use ScssPhp\ScssPhp\Compiler;

$compiler = new Compiler();
$compiler->addImportPath(function($path) {
    if (Compiler::isCssImport($path)) {
        return null;

    if (!file_exists('stylesheets/'.$path)) {
        return null;

    return __DIR__.'/stylesheets/'.$path;

// will import 'stylesheets/sub.scss'
echo $compiler->compileString('@import "sub.scss";')->getCss();
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